About Miss Button

Welcome to Button Boutique! Whether you have tiny dancers in the making or beloved animal children looking for style and warmth, here is a place where you can find beautifully creative tutus, kitty sweaters with character and customized products your babies will love!

Who is Miss Button?

As a retired psychotherapist for children, I believe in the power of emotional expression, movement and imagination! What better way to express one’s self than with beautiful custom tutus and accessories!! 

I have volunteered for my daughters’ ballet schools while they were growing up, helping to sew costumes for performances and really took a liking to sewing for the ballet world… I loved it so much, that I started to run the Milwaukee Ballet Boutique where I made tutus that aspiring young ballerinas would love as they came to see the professional dancers perform! Now, I sew individually as well as for ballet schools and companies that are looking to offer unique and beautiful products at their boutiques.

What about the little kitty sweaters you ask? 🙂 I have always had a love for animal babies and have been able to get to know my daughter’s two hairless kitties, Hugo and Walter! They have unique needs and personalities and what better way to keep them warm and healthy than through custom, snuggly sweaters!

Looking for something custom? Looking to purchase for a school, company or cattery? Message me!

About Miss Button